In this term-based  art program, students explore their creativity through drawing, illustration and creative writing, translating their ideas into visual narratives.  Projects are designed to build and expand on the individual student's fundamental art skill, with different theme to explore in each term.  Discover and experiment  using various art techniques such as form, shading, colour and  how to effectively set up composition for your narrative scene. If you’re passionate about drawing and discovering your inner creativity and imagination, then this course is for you.

The course is mentored and facilitated by Tull Suwannakit

Children  8-13 years old 

Saturday 10am-12pm

Saturday 1pm-3pm

Saturday 330pm-530pm

Sunday 10am-12pm

Sunday 1pm-3pm

Sunday 330pm-530pm



In this 10-week course for adults, you will be taken on a creative journey on how to write and illustrate your very own picture book for children.  The immersive course will cover all areas used in the publishing industry including:  How to gather ideas, develop your story through structuring and pacing, character design and storyboarding.  Throughout the course, our facilitator will  guide you through step-by-step illustration techniques that are catered to individual style and preferred medium of each student.  The course is suitable for adults with all skill levels, even beginners.

Topics covered in this course:

Creative writing

Setting up compositions

Lighting and shadows

Story structure, pacing and rhythm 

Experimentation of various art medium

Camera angles

Character Design

Character's expression and movement

How to develop simple and effective ideas for your story

The course is presented and facilitated by children's book author and illustrator Tull Suwannakit


Saturday 6pm-8pm

Sunday 6pm-8pm


In this 10-week course for adults, you will be creating your very own character sculpture maquette using polymer clay and mixed media.  The immersive course will cover all areas  in character design, layout and maquette including:  Character development and design, character turnaround and layout, form construction, sculpting using poylmer clay, skin textures.  Throughout the course, our facilitator will guide you through a step-by-step design and sculpting techniques, catering to each individual style of each student.  

The course is suitable for adults with all skills levels, even beginners


Topics covered in this course:

Character development/ design

Developing character's form, personality and style

Colour study


Skeletal building and character’s pose

Muscular and form building using Polymer clay

Fabric creases and folds

Skin textures

The course is presented and facilitated by children's book author and illustrator Tull Suwannakit


Saturday 330pm-530pm


Picture Book Illustration One-On-One is a private session tailored for students who have recently completed our Writing and Illustrating a Children's Picture Book Course and would like to obtain in-depth constructive guidance, refine on illustration skill and how to improve on key areas for their current picture book project.   In this 1-hour session, our facilitator will assess on the following aspects:  design, composition, artistic medium, story, characters, and overall presentation of the illustrated scene.  Hands-on illustration techniques will be catered based on individuality, as well as how to effectively improve on style, technique and aesthetic.  

Each session is conducted and facilitated by  children's book author and illustrator Tull Suwannakit



Saturday 830pm-930pm

Sunday 830pm-930pm


This 4 week course for adults is an introduction to art practices that many artists use to fuel their imagination and boost the quality and quantity of artistic output. You will learn the importance of keeping your own visual ideas through journaling and sketchbooks. Develop your confidence by becoming more familiar with your own visual expression and expand your curiosity through creative practices.

In the first lesson you will complete your own hand made personal artist book that you can develop and add to throughout the four week course. You will experiment with a variety of papers qualities and learn to identify the papers that you prefer for the specific materials and outcomes. Learn to observe and explore techniques with a variety of mixed media including pencil, acrylic paint, inks and watercolour paints. This course is designed to help you identify the techniques that open new pathways for your own personal creative flow.  The course is designed to suit students with all levels of art skills, even beginners, as well as students who have recently completed our Writing and Illustrating a Children's Picture Book Course and would like to further expand their knowledge of art practice.  All materials are included with the course.

The course is presented and facilitated by established children's book author and illustrator, Anne Ryan.  Holding a qualification in Diploma of Illustration, Anne has taught across all levels of education from early childhood to tertiary programs.

Anne's list of published books include, ‘Sybil Investigates’ and ‘Sybil TV Journalist‘ ( Black Dog Books) written by Carole Wilkinson, "Unforeseen Circumstances" (Lothian Books), in which she wrote and illustrated, and "Shadowcat" written by Julia Louise

Anne has just returned from the second year in a row from the International Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy where she worked on the creator’s table as an illustrator, showcasing her latest works at the Australian Stand.

Topics covered in this course:

Journaling and visual diary processes

Creating an artist book

Explore paper qualities

Explore colour through a variety of mediums including pencil, coloured inks and acrylic paints

Explore texture and mixed media techniques

Personal development of artistic themes, developing creative processes

Observing and Responding to visual expression

Editing and reviewing personal expression

Collaborative feedback/responding of shared work in a supportive environment


Saturday 430pm-800pm