In this term-based  art program, students explore their creativity through drawing, illustration and creative writing, translating their ideas into visual narratives.  Projects are designed to build and expand on the individual student's fundamental art skill, with different theme to explore in each term.  Discover and experiment  using various art techniques such as form, shading, colour and  how to effectively set up composition for your narrative scene. If you’re passionate about drawing and discovering your inner creativity and imagination, then this course is for you.

The course is mentored and facilitated by Tull Suwannakit

Children  8-13 years old 

Saturday 945am-1115am

Saturday 1130am-100pm

Saturday 130pm-300pm

Saturday 330pm-500pm

Sunday 945am-1115am

Sunday 1130am-100pm

Sunday 130pm-300pm

Sunday 330pm-500pm

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In this 10-week course for adults, you will be taken on a creative journey on how to write and illustrate your very own picture book for children.  The immersive course will cover all areas used in the publishing industry including:  How to gather ideas, develop your story through structuring and pacing, character design and storyboarding.  Throughout the course, our facilitator will  guide you through step-by-step illustration techniques that are catered to individual style and preferred medium of each student.  The course is suitable for adults with all skill levels, even beginners.

Topics covered in this course:

Creative writing

Setting up compositions

Lighting and shadows

Story structure, pacing and rhythm 

Experimentation of various art medium

Camera angles

Character Design

Character's expression and movement

How to develop simple and effective ideas for your story

The course is presented and facilitated by children's book author and illustrator Tull Suwannakit


Saturday 6pm-8pm

Sunday 6pm-8pm