Creative Drawing 


Price is inclusive of art materials.  Students are to bring their own A4 sketchbooks.  

Invoices are issued at the end of each term by e-mail.  We request the term fees be paid on or before the commencing of each term.  Mid-term inductions are billed based on the number of weeks remaining in the term .

Writing and Illustrating a Picture Book


Price is inclusive of basic art materials and stationary.  Students are encouraged to bring their preferred art medium to be used in the course.  Watercolour papers and an A4 sketchbook are to be provided by the students.  




All course fees and deposits are non-refundable once paid.   


Our courses are designed to be progressive and sequential, so we recommend students to attend all the classes in order to comprehend the contents demonstrated.  


Students are allowed to miss 1 class per term.  Make up class will only be provided within the term that students are enrolled.   


If the teacher is unable to attend the lesson ( due to unforeseen circumstances), we will inform the students, parents or a designated adult contact, so as to arrange an alternate time and date for the lesson.  


Only lessons that fall on public holidays will be rescheduled for alternative time slots. 


Students, parents or guardians are to notify the instructor before the commencing of the lesson if they are running late.



Term 1      29 January- 4 April 

Term 2     23 April- 27 June 

Term 3     16 July-19 September 

Term 4     8 October-12 December 


Malvern School of Art's operating hours are as normal during public holidays that fall on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise

stated.  Students who are unable to attend classes on a public holiday will be scheduled for a make up class within the term that 

they enrolled or during the school holidays.